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Here are some real testimonials from trainees who have either completed one of NFI's recognised courses or attended one of NFI's workshops…

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"It was my pleasure studying in your institute. I have learned a lot from my good teacher whose name always be remembered in my prayers. Kindly pass my sincere regards to her."

J.U. - Diploma of Accounting
Online, April 2018


"Peter, thank you so much for your knowledge, insights and tips over the past few days. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from “you” and to be guided from the “best” from the start, it is very motivating for me. I have also downloaded your book, which at a glance is awesome!."

J.S. - Cert IV FNS40815
Perth, Mar 2018


"I am coming from a very different background so everything covered was valuable to me."

N.D. - Cert IV FNS40815
Sydney, Mar 2018


"Liz was absolutely delightful, not to mention insightful, easy to listen to and engaging.  I found this course extremely helpful in understanding the role of a mortgage broker.  Was very impressed, thank you."

T.C. - Cert IV FNS40815
Sydney, Jan 2018


"All topics helped me and gave me knowledge to start my career."

L.P. - Cert IV FNS40815
Sydney, Dec 2017


"Peter, thanks once again for your efficient service and prompt attention.  I will be sure to recommend more people to you in the future."

M.W. - FNS50315 Diploma
by RPL, Jan 2018


"Even though I work in the industry already, I thoroughly enjoyed the course.  I was engaged and learned.  Thank you.."
M.T. - Cert IV FNS40815
workshop, Melbourne Nov 2017


"Thank you so much for your prompt response. You are an excellent marker.  The National Finance Institute is lucky to have someone as efficient as you."
H.W. - Diploma of Accounting
online study, April 2017


"The course was fantastic. Liz was excellent, made the topics very interesting, so it was easy to understand."
A.S. - Cert IV Mortgage Broking,
Sydney Workshop, March 2017


"Fantastic real life scenarios and actual practical experience.  One of the best trainers in my long professional career as a chartered accountant.  Thank you Liz!"
S.H. - Cert IV Mortgage Broking,
Sydney Workshop, March 2017


"Peter, thank you for your time the past few days, it was awesome to engage with your experiences and knowledge, and I truly learnt so much that I know with certainty will help me grow."
B.C. Finance Manager,
 October 2016


"As someone new to mortgage broking, I found the topics very valuable to me. And in last topic Peter gave us advice on how to build up and maintain our client base. I think this is very valuable to me.  I'm so glad to spend these 3 days with Peter.  I have learnt a lot, not only the techniques but also he gives us a lot of advice on how to be a good broker. A great experience.

L.Z. Sydney (Cert IV Mortgage Broking workshop) June 2016


"I love this course and it proves to be beyond my expectation. Thank you very much Peter. How to touch and retain our clients was the most valuable topic to me.

J.X. Sydney (Cert IV Mortgage Broking workshop) June 2016


"Fantastic choice to choose this course. Much appreciated and thanks! Keep in touch!

Z.S. Sydney  (Cert IV Mortgage Broking workshop) June 2016


"Excellent trainer, loved every minute of the course!!! Fine food, amazing venue.

J.G. Melb. (Cert IV Mortgage Broking workshop) May 2016


"Liz is su
perb, she is perfect for the role, very approachable, genuine, caring and articulate. I wish there was more publicity about the Diploma workshop being suitable for commercial lending. If I knew I would have stayed for the Diploma."

D.M. Melb. (Cert IV Mortgage Broking workshop) May 2016



"Personally, I think it's good to attend the workshop instead of doing it online as you can learn a lot from other members' questions and experiences.

P.E. Syd. (Cert IV Mortgage Broking) Mar 2015


I just wanted to thank you Peter very much for the fantastic Cert IV course you provided over the past 3 days in Melbourne. I have to say that it was one of the most interesting and well presented courses I have been on (and I have been on many - especially IT ones!). Your obvious passion, expertise and real-life examples were much appreciated!! "

R.P. Melb. (Cert IV Mortgage Broking) Dec 2015


"I had a minor heart attack when looking over the course content at home.  But at the workshop Liz presented the information in a clear and concise way, which finally helped me to understand the finer details of the assignments.

R.P. Melb. (Diploma Mortgage Broking) Feb 2015


"Liz was an excellent trainer, gave me confidence to start my new venture. Can't wait.

C.W. Melb. (Cert IV Mortgage Broking) Feb 2015


"Liz is incredibly knowledgeable and has a great presentation style. For dry content she certainly makes it a fun environment.

D.S. Melb. (Diploma Mortgage Broking) Feb 2015


It has been a pleasure studying through you. Alison was great. Very quick to respond to my questions and very helpful when I didn't understand things.
Thank you so much for making my studying easy and such a pleasurable experience.

N.C. South Australia. (Diploma of Accounting, online)
 Oct 2014


"Fantastic, couldn't imagine doing this by correspondence. Face to face course was amazing.

T.P., Melb  (Diploma Mortgage Broking) Aug 2014


"It was very useful for me and I am so happy to have Liz's class.

Y.W., Melb  (Cert IV Mortgage Broking) Aug 2014


"Liz was good. Lots of industry experience clearly helps.

Anon, Melb  (Cert IV Mortgage Broking) Aug 2014


"I would like to commend your organization on the layout and interface used in
the online course Certificate 4 Accounting as well as the swift service. The interface is very streamlined, logical and user friendly
. "
K.K., Sydney  (Cert IV Accounting, online)
Jun 2014


"Just a quick note to say a big THANK YOU for your assistance, support and understanding throughout my enrolment with the Cert IV mortgage broking course.

When it comes to studying new things, my preference is to learn in a workshop setting (which you do offer). But my mentor chose to pay for and enrol me in the online course, so I didn’t have much say in the matter. As I have no previous industry experience, I found the course challenging, but not too over-whelming. The material was presented in an easy-to-follow format, and it has helped me learn the basics of becoming a mortgage broker.  I am especially impressed by how you were able to put yourself in my shoes and understand me. I can’t wait to start on the Diploma, knowing that I can call on you for assistance if I get stuck. "

D.H., Sydney  (Cert IV Mortgage Broking, online)

 Feb 2014

"The best aspect of the training was the ability to ask questions and hear others ask also, and to get answers on the spot while it was relevant."
X.L., Melb (Diploma workshop), Sep 2013

"Liz was brilliant, clear and concise.  Made the training enjoyable but also I personally learnt a heap."
B.N., Melb (Diploma workshop), Jun 2013

"Fantastic course, so glad I changed from Kaplan."
H.B., Melb (Cert IV workshop), Jun 2013

"Excellent presentation skills; course material was explained very well."
S.D., Melb (Diploma workshop), Apr 2013

"The course covered the info well. Love it and recommend to others."
O.V., Melb (Diploma workshop), Apr 2013

"Trainer was brilliant!. Professional, engaging 100% of the time. Spoke clearly and made me feel extremely at ease in the class."
H.M., Melb (Cert IV workshop), Apr 2013

"Fantastic course! Liz encouraged us to speak up when not sure about something, very friendly, relaxed and professional!"
L.Z., Melb (Diploma workshop), Dec 2012

"I attended just the one day "top up" for the Diploma course.  The content for the day was exactly what I wanted so that I can complete my Diploma studies."
S.C., Melb (Diploma workshop), Dec 2012

"Very clear trainer with informative instructions in relation to this course; Would highly recommend."
B.W., Bris (Diploma workshop), Nov 2012

"Liz is an outstanding and engaging trainer with a deep knowledge of the content and industry.  One of the best educators I have experienced."
A.D., Melb (Diploma workshop), Sept 2012

"Great webinar, information was very informative."
P.T., Bris (Webinar) Apr 2012

"Training online was easy, friendly website and instructions even a layman can understand. Nice course content and practicable course module. 
Thanks for all your help and if anyone else interested would definitely recommend you guys"
M.S., NSW (Cert IV online), July 2011

"I have learned a lot from this course, thanks for providing such an excellent course.  I hope I can find a mortgage broker job with my knowledge."
H.L., Victoria (Cert IV online), July 2011

"I have been impressed with the professionalism of NFI at all stages of the course and I will be recommending your institution to people I meet that are thinking about mortgage broking as a career."
D.N., NSW (Cert IV online), Mar 2011


"Thank you for the course, it was great.  Peter was the consummate professional."
S.T., Gold Coast (Cert IV), Dec 2010

"The trainer proved to be very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and helpful.  It made the four days very enjoyable. Thank you and well done."
Melbourne (Cert IV), Oct 2010

"Very good teacher. I have learnt a lot this week, even though the material was not new to me."
Sydney (Cert IV), Oct 2010

"Excellent presenter - would thoroughly recommend this course"
D.B., Sydney (Cert IV), Oct 2010

"The course was very informative and well presented. A pleasure and very helpful."
D.L., Townsville (Diploma), Sept 2010

"Excellent facilitator - great presentation."
M.B.,Townsville (Diploma), Sept 2010

"Very good fun and easy to understand."
R.G.,Southport (Cert IV), Aug 2010

"The course was fantastic and the lecturer was wonderful in every aspect."
R.P., Sydney, April 2010

"Thanks a lot for emailing me the certificate. It is really a great course as the materials are organised. And I have also reviewed all the comments of assignment and exercise and it does help me to take points. Thanks again. I will come back to you guys when I need further professional knowledge."
A.L., NSW (Cert IV online), Mar 2010

"I have gained a fantastic understanding of the mortgage industry and believe that this course is an excellent preparation for any individual, like me who wants to enter the industry and be successful.  Thank you for delivering the course material in easy to read text and for the invaluable research tool it will become for reverting back to at a later stage.  In closing I would like to thank you for allowing me the flexibility to complete this course as an external student and have enjoyed it immensely."

P.S., Correspondence, Aug 2009

"Very good style, trainer listens to students and interacts very well.  Good material.  Best course attended in a long time, thank you."

C.S., Brisbane, Feb 2009

"I thought the trainer was brilliant. The way she presented material helped make sense on how to implement in business.  It gives you the confidence to then go ahead and self-learn for the future."

S.C., Brisbane, Feb 2009

"I have really enjoyed the course and found the NFI program to be very comprehensive with practical ‘hands on’ advice that will serve me well as I begin my career in the mortgage industry. This is only the start of my training and I know I have a lot to learn! At least I know I am off to a good start. "

L.L., Adelaide, July 2009

"Thank you for the fantastic facilitation of the Cert IV in Financial Services. I really enjoyed the day (RPL workshop) and was very impressed with your style of teaching. It made what would normally be 'dry' content into a really engaging and interesting course. So thank you! I will definitely be recommending your company for future training requirements."

J.F. Sydney, May 2009

"Presenter experience was very valuable.  Materials excellent - easy to understand. Great resource."
P.F., Grafton, December 2008
"If the presenter had little experience this would not suit me. Peter's stories, examples and experience were a great value add."

J.H., Brisbane, May 2008

"Very educational through (trainer's) own experiences. Made it easier to relate to scenarios that we may be presented with in real life. Extremely professional."

L.T., Brisbane, May 2008

"The training session was very informative and the presenter was knowledgeable and approachable.  He made sure to keep the tone light and fun despite the seriousness of the content. This made it easier to keep focussed."

T.L., Brisbane, Mar 2008

"Full of stories and humour which makes difficult terminology and concepts become real and not theoretical. I really loved it ..... and handbook is fantastic as all information is there to look up, thank you."

M.S., Brisbane, Mar 2008

"Trainer was very informative and had a very good grasp of all topics presented.  Very happy I chose the classroom option of the course."
B.M., Melbourne, Feb 2008
"I really found the training exceptionally good, in depth and realistic. Easy to understand."

T.B., Melbourne, Feb 2008

"I do a lot of extra training [courses] at work and this has been the best course I have been on in a long time."

S.C., Adelaide, Sept 2007

"I just want to thank you for the efficient handling by NFI of our WA supplement and Cert IV upgrade. As you know we are powering along very well at the moment with around 25 brokers in my team nationally. When I sat in your classroom just on 4 years ago, I had no idea that my business would have grown to where it is now. Thanks for the great training you provided back then. It was an excellent platform to launch my career from."

M.V., ABC Mortgages, July 2007

"I have today received my exam results which will complete this program for me. Many thanks to the Trainers involved and their preparedness to address issues raised by students, it has been most helpful. I have certainly gained a much better understanding of this area because of this program."
S.B., (online student, Vic), July 2007
This was a very relevant and well presented course.  I enjoyed it and learned an enormous amount of new knowledge."

D.L. Brisbane, August 2007

"I enjoyed studying the Cert IV in Financial Services as it was so practical, easy to follow, comprehensive and I feel has given me good grounding. My trainer was very helpful each time I contacted her. Thank you for making the journey a smooth one."

C.A., (N.S.W. corresp), Nov 2006

"Trainers obviously have a lot of experience in this field which gives great weight to everything said."

S.H., Melbourne, May 2006

"Good teaching styles, very knowledgeable and ongoing supporting documentation very thorough.  Thank you so much for this!"

H.S., Melbourne, May 2006

"I’m new to the industry and thoroughly enjoyed the training."


A.S., Melbourne, May 2006

"Anecdotal input invaluable. Keep up the good standard."

S.S., Melbourne, May 2006

"Very professional and easy to understand."

J.F., Adelaide, March 2006

"I found the course very informative and the one on one aspect cleared issues immediately.  I recommend it to all!"

N.D., Adelaide, March 2006

"Very diligent to all trainees’ needs."


J.S., Darwin, December 2005

"I found the practical case studies particularly helpful."


K.M., Darwin, December 2005

"Due to the small groups, information was easy to understand."

U.S., Sydney, December 2005

"Well presented and extremely informative."

K.H., Sydney, August 2005

"Hard to improve upon. Ten out of ten. Fantastic!"

K.V., Melbourne, June 2005

"Excellent. I really appreciated the real life examples outlined to correlate with each learning module."

J.C., Melbourne, May 2005

"Insightful in expectations and how to keep clients happy - great motivating ideas."
B.L., Melbourne, May 2006


Here are some real testimonials from just some of those who purchased our Australian Mortgage Marketing Handbook in its first edition ...

"We are a husband and wife team, totally new to mortgage broking.  We have resigned from our IT jobs and have gone into mortgage broking full time to give it our best shot.  After some research, we decided to make your Handbook our bible.  We are going to implement it to the letter and spirit and with full energy and faith."

H.W., Mortgage Avenue

"Your handbook is totally focused and relevant to the marketing efforts of mortgage brokers.  We have already started to implement just a few of the many ideas and programmes and have no doubt that positive results will follow.  An excellent product that I strongly recommend to all brokers."

B.O., First Choice Home Loans

"A great resource that puts the essentials of mortgage broking marketing into one, easy-to-read handbook.  While it isn't rocket science, the handbook provides the fuel to propel an average business to improved heights."

D.B., Mortgage Maze

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